In order to use "BUY NOW" and "BID", you have to place a deposit on your account. The minimum deposit amount is $400 or 10% from the "BID/BUY NOW" amount.


​We require deposit to ensure that you are making sincere and truthful "BID" or "BUY NOW".



You can make a deposit in the "FINANCE" section of "PROFILE" page by clicking "Make a Payment" and choosing your method of payment. sales Deposit can be made using Skrill. If you, for any reason do not wish to use Skrill you have the option to make a bank wire transfer. You can find our bank wire instructions in your user's profile, or by requesting it by email



Please include your name or the sales dealer number in the description when sending a deposit



All bank wire transfers will be refunded upon your request. In your "PROFILE" page, the bottom right you will see the link "Refund Payment", please follow the link and instructions so that we could process your refund. Transfer time for the bank wire transfer is 5-7 business days. Please note we will deduct a bank wire fees of no more than $50 per refund if made by bank wire transfer. All credit card transactions will be refunded within 5 business days upon request of the customer.



If your "BID" or "BUY NOW" was not successful, your deposit can be used towards the next "BID / BUY NOW" or can be refunded to you upon your request.